The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is an independent organization created to facilitate Arctic business-to-business activities and responsible economic development. Through the sharing of best practices, standards and innovative Arctic solutions the AEC is the primary forum for interaction between the Arctic Council and the wider circumpolar and non-Arctic business communities. The AEC’s establishment was facilitated by the Arctic Council during the 2013-2015 Canadian chairmanship.

The AEC is open for membership applications from corporations, businesses, partnerships and indigenous groups that have an economic interest in the Arctic. The AEC’s member representation includes a diverse collection of business industries that operate in the Arctic – from mining and shipping companies to telecommunication and indigenous economic development corporations, and from SMEs to big multinationals. This mix of interests ensures that our work is carried out in an inclusive and sustainable manner for the betterment of the Arctic states and communities that we represent.

Membership opportunities

The Arctic Partner category is open for businesses and organization both from the Arctic and non-Arctic regions. The membership fee for Arctic Partners is USD 10 000/annually.

Permafrost partner category is open to Arctic micro businesses (not subsidiaries) with their business headquarters located in the Arctic and with a maximum of 15 employees. The annual membership fee for Permafrost partners is USD 2 500.

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