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Fostering Circumpolar Business

The establishment of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) was facilitated by the Arctic Council during the 2013-2015 Canadian chairmanship. The AEC is an independent organization created to facilitate Arctic business-to-business activities and responsible economic development. Through the sharing of best practices, standards, and innovative Arctic solutions the AEC is the primary forum for interaction between the Arctic Council and the wider circumpolar and non-Arctic business communities.


The AEC’s member representation includes a diverse collection of business industries that operate in the Arctic – from mining and shipping companies to telecommunication and indigenous economic development corporations, and from SMEs to big multinationals. This mix of interests ensures that our work is carried out in an inclusive and sustainable manner for the betterment of the Arctic states and communities that we represent.

The AEC is open for membership applications from corporations, businesses, partnerships and indigenous groups that have an economic interest in the Arctic. Being true to the “AEC way” of building on the pillars of collaboration, partnership, innovation, and peace, it is imperative for the AEC, to provide both Arctic and sub-Arctic stakeholders an opportunity to participate, interact and collaborate with the Legacy Members of the AEC.

Businesses are what will drive economic development throughout the circumpolar region, but operating in the Arctic presents unique challenges compared to other areas of the world. Since its inception, the AEC has worked to ensure that relevant information is collected, disseminated and acted upon to ease and enhance business-to-business connections that promote responsible Arctic investment and growth. The AEC’s members know the Arctic and are experienced in doing business in this challenging region. They can provide a valuable network and partnerships for those interested in the responsible economic development of the region.

To read more about the AEC’s work, please see here.

The Arctic Economic Council is the premier platform and resource for Arctic and non-Arctic states and businesses with interests in Arctic opportunities associated with circumpolar growth and development. AEC members belong to a global network of corporate and academic professionals who are building as well as strengthening relationships with those focused in a shared mission of promoting Arctic development in a manner that’s both economically beneficial and culturally responsible. By joining the AEC, you have an opportunity to actively participate in issues affecting Arctic policy and decisions relating to present and future economic development.

AEC’s members representing the pan-Arctic business community coming from all eight Arctic states offer a diverse and shared capacity to serve stakeholders when it comes to conducting business in the Arctic:

  • Arctic know-how
  • Networks and cooperation
  • Cooperation with academia
  • Business culture
  • Local knowledge
  • Indiginous relations

Exclusive Access:

  • Working Group participation
  • AEC workshops
  • AEC updates
  • AEC partnership data
  • Annual meetings
  • Networking
  • Membership portal


  • Business promotion throughout the Arctic
  • Briefing to Legacy Membership on business lines
  • AEC input recommendations prior to public distribution
  • Use of AEC logo on website/other

Read more about the AEC Working Groups here.

AEC membership is open to corporations, businesses, partnerships and indigenous groups that have an economic interest in the Arctic. With the emerging opportunities that the region presents, the organization supports the business community’s growing interest – putting Arctic businesses and non-Arctic partners in the driver’s seat when it comes to present or potential circumpolar development.

Businesses residing both inside and outside of the Arctic region can be part of emerging development opportunities by joining the AEC.

I. Legacy Members
Legacy membership includes 3 business representatives form each Arctic state and 3 representatives from each Permanent Participant organization. This is the voting membership of the Arctic Economic Council.

II. AEC Arctic Partner
Global focus is shifting north and there is growing interest by non-AEC members to participate in the AEC. If we are true to the “AEC way” of building on the pillars of Collaboration, Partnership, Innovation and Peace, it is imperative for the AEC to provide stakeholders interested in the Arctic an opportunity to participate, interact and collaborate with the Legacy Members of the AEC. To enable participation for all types of businesses coming both from the Arctic and from sub-Arctic regions, there is an opportunity to join the AEC as a non-voting Arctic Partner. The membership fee is at present 10 000 USD annually .

III. AEC Permafrost Partner
Micro businesses support the “active layers” in our remote Arctic communities. They bring an important perspective about doing business in the Arctic. They deserve an opportunity to have a voice within the AEC. The AEC Permafrost Partner category is designed for micro businesses that are not subsidiaries, with their business headquarters located within an Arctic state and which have 15 employees or less. The membership fee is at present 2500 USD annually.

The process for application includes completing the Membership Application Form and submitting it to the AEC office at The Secretariat would be happy to assist you during the process; please don’t hesitate to contact for more information.

The applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and sent to the AEC Governance Committee for final approval.

AEC Membership Terms and Conditions

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