“Economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arctic” is on the agenda for the joint breakout session the Arctic Economic Council will organize together with the Nordic Council of Ministers in Reykjavik next month.

Invitation for the break out. 

The Arctic Economic Council is involved in the development of an “Arctic Business Analysis” that examines the Arctic business landscape in reference to political priority of strengthening the Nordic work on economic development, growth, and investment in the Arctic. This is a joint project between the Nordic Council of Ministers, the AEC, Voluntas Advisory and The Confederation of Danish Industry.

An increased attention on economic development in the Arctic in recent years has led to a greater need of understanding both the status quo as well as future possibilities for business development, economic development and investment possibilities.

The analysis assesses the business potential in four areas: (1) Entrepreneurship and innovation; (2) PPPs and business cooperation; (3) Bio-economy and (4) Creative industries.

The analysis is being conducted by Voluntas Advisory and the Confederation of Danish Industry.

The findings of the draft analysis will be presented at the breakout session organized during this year’s Arctic Circle conference. One of the aims of the session is to solicit feedback from the broader Arctic community for the preliminary findings of the analysis.

The event will take place Friday, October 13th 2017 from 16:15 until 17:45 at the Harpa Conference Center, Kaldalón Auditorium. It is open to all conference participants.

Nauja Bianco, Nordic Council of Ministers: Welcome and introduction – “The change agents of tomorrow – Promoting a pan-Arctic business community through Nordic facilitation”
Jakob Wichmann, CEO and Co-founder, Voluntas Advisory: Presentation of preliminary findings of the Arctic Business Analysis
Mikhail Pogodaev, Chair, Association of World Reindeer Herders, Director of The Northern Forum: Indigenous people’s perspective on business development in the Arctic

Case discussions
Robert Gudfinnsson, CEO of Genis, entrepreneur and investor (Iceland):  How to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arctic region
Stephen Hart, Head of Office, European Investment Bank:  Financing business development and investments in the Nordic Arctic – opportunities and demand
Anne Marit Bjørnflaten, Senior Vice President Corporate Communication, Hurtigruten: New Nordic Cuisine as a Competitive Advantage in Arctic Tourism
Svein Margeirsson, CEO,Matís: Arctic’s bio-economy as a stepping stone for growth in the Arctic
Tero Vauraste, Chair of the Arctic Economic Council, President and CEO of Arctia Ltd: How to move the business development agenda in the Arctic forward.

The full program can be found here.