The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is an independent organization created to facilitate Arctic business-to-business activities and responsible economic development. Through the sharing of best practices, standards, and innovative Arctic solutions the AEC is the primary forum for interaction between the Arctic Council and the wider circumpolar and non-Arctic business communities. The AEC’s establishment was facilitated by the Arctic Council during the 2013-2015 Canadian chairmanship.

The AEC is open for membership applications from corporations, businesses, partnerships and indigenous groups that have an economic interest in the Arctic. The AEC’s member representation includes a diverse collection of business industries that operate in the Arctic – from mining and shipping companies to telecommunication and indigenous economic development corporations, and from SMEs to big multinationals. This mix of interests ensures that our work is carried out inclusively and sustainably for the betterment of the Arctic states and communities that we represent.

Being true to the “AEC way” of building on the pillars of collaboration, partnership, innovation, and peace, it is imperative for the AEC to provide both the Arctic and sub-Arctic stakeholders an opportunity to participate, interact and collaborate with the Legacy Members of the AEC: 42 business representatives from the eight Arctic states and the Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council

To make the Arctic a favorable place to do business

To facilitate sustainable Arctic economic and business development


·         Facilitate responsible business and economic development of the Arctic and its communities

·         Share and advocate for best practice, technological solutions, and standards

·         Support market accessibility

·         Provide advice and a business perspective to the work of the Arctic Council


The five overarching themes form the basis of the work of the AEC. They are identified by the Arctic business community.

1.    Fostering strong market connections within the Arctic as a vital part of international value chains

2.    Encouraging public-private partnerships for infrastructure Investments

3.    Promoting stable and predictable regulatory frameworks

4.    Facilitating knowledge and data exchange between industry and academia

5.    Embracing traditional indigenous knowledge, stewardship and small business


The Arctic Economic Council’s work is driven by Working Groups established on particular sectors and based on the organization’s overarching themes.

The current five Working Groups of the AEC are:

  • Infrastructure: Maritime Transportation
  • Responsible Resource Development
  • Connectivity
  • Investment and Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Blue Economy

Read more about the Working Groups here

Membership opportunities:

Arctic Partner

For all types of corporations, businesses, partnerships, and indigenous groups coming both from the Arctic and from sub-Arctic regions, there is an opportunity to join the AEC as a non-voting partner

Permafrost Partner

Permafrost Partner is designed for the micro-business that are not subsidiaries, with their business headquarters located within an Arctic state and which have 15 employees or less

Membership Application Process and Membership Terms and ConditionsMembership Classes

Membership Application

Membership Benefits

For further information on how to become a member of the Arctic Economic Council, please see here and feel free to contact the AEC Office: