The Arctic is a vast region of diverse nature, physical environment and cultures. Access to energy is critical for Arctic inhabitants and energy resources can present positive opportunities for business development provided this is done with due regard to traditional and indigenous lifestyles and sustainability.

International concern about global warming in the Arctic has resulted in increasingly negative stakeholder opinions of Arctic resource development. Science based discussions around Arctic opportunities compete against popular media opinions, potentially risking that responsible Arctic investment is being unduly influenced by the views of those living outside the region.

The AEC recognizes that many people live and work in the Arctic, and that industry has been present across the regions for decades. The physical environment has driven solutions for energy efficiency and high operating standards. AEC therefore believes that business activity to utilize resources in the region should be viewed in terms of local benefit and sustainable practices and recognized as complementary to global resources.

The objective of the AEC Energy Working Group is to provide simple, balanced information to key stakeholders regarding the context, opportunities and challenges for use of Arctic energy resources.

The work of the AEC Energy Working Group is led by Equinor, and the Working Group is currently being populated.


Energy WG Fact Sheet