During the first week of December, AEC Vice Chair Tero Vauraste participates in the Arctic Partnership Week in Busan, Korea. Mr. Vauraste’s program includes among other things participation in the Arctic Policy Forum and holding a presentation in the 5th Arctic Shipping Seminar. In addition, Vice Chair Vauraste is also the key note speaker at the opening ceremony of the Arctic Partnership Week.

Earlier this fall, the AEC invited Professor Natsuhiko Otsuka from the Hokkaido University and Korea’s Ambassador for Arctic Policy Kim-Chan Woo to attend the AEC plenary session during the Arctic Circle Conference. In his speech at the Arctic Circle Conference, Ambassador Kim-Chan Woo highlighted three proposals for how the work of the AEC could bring added value for Korean businesses interested in the Arctic. These proposals included enhancing the AEC visibility in Korea, providing opportunities for consultations and one-stop service about the AEC for example in the form of a business fair, and flagship reports on business activities in the Arctic.

 In his key note speech at the opening of the Arctic Partnership Week Vice Chair Vauraste confirmed that the AEC Executive Committee has acknowledged the Ambassador’s proposals. Further, Mr. Vauraste underlined that the value chains of the Arctic businesses are international. Therefore it is natural to broaden the work of the AEC from Arctic-to-Arctic approach to a global forum

Photo: Korea Maritime Institute