The AEC members represent a wide range of businesses operating in the Arctic—from mining and shipping companies to indigenous economic development corporations.

Representing the wide variety of Arctic businesses, the AEC’s members have identified selected business areas, divided into different Working Groups. As a member of the AEC, companies, and organizations have an opportunity to nominate members to the AEC Working Groups and thus shape the work on responsible business development in the Arctic. The AEC has currently six Working Groups:

  1. The Energy Working Group is to provide simple, balanced information to key stakeholders regarding the context, opportunities, and challenges for the use of Arctic energy resources.
  2. The Investments & Infrastructure Working Group aims to increase understanding that the Arctic is not a region with limited economic opportunity and potential but has the potential to grow.
  3. The Maritime Transportation Working Group focuses on gathering and exchanging available information on national and international Arctic maritime traffic, related regulation, development and status of hydrographic mapping.
  4. The Connectivity Working Group seeks to be a resource for the Arctic Council and will be working collaboratively to advance connectivity and economic development in the Arctic region, and may from time to time solicit input and/or seek information to advance that goal.
  5. The Responsible Resource Development Working Group is focused on providing the necessary framework for responsible resource exploration and development in the Arctic.
  6. The Blue Economy Working Group aims to facilitate a pan-Arctic alliance of ocean clusters to leverage the knowledge, expertise and funding instruments throughout the region to fast track product development and economic growth in the sector.

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