The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) and Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce (IACC) will host a breakout session titled “Arctic Economic and Business Development” during the Arctic Circle Conference.

AEC‘s and IACC‘s breakout session will focus on economic and business development in the Arctic. At the breakout session, key strategic issues for sustainable Arctic business development will be addresses with a specific emphasis on AEC’s new Strategic Plan.

The breakout session’s agenda is as follows:

  • Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir, Minister of Industry and Commerce – opening address
  • Tara Sweeney AEC Chair and Tero Vauraste AEC Vice Chair – Needs of Arctic business development in the lights of the new AEC Strategic Plan
  • Ingvar Eyfjörð, IACC Board Member – The Path to Sustainability
  • Mead Treadwell, President PT Capital LLC – Arctic Investment Needs and Opportunities
  • Panel discussion
  • Meeting and panel moderator: Hulda Bjarnadóttir, IACC Managing Director

The breakout session will take place on Friday, October 7th, at Akrafjall meeting room in Harpa Conference Center between 3:30 PM – 5 PM. Please note that the event requires entry to the Arctic Circle Conference. For further information and registration, see here.