AEC warmly welcomes the renewed membership of the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) and the State of Maine. MITC assists Maine businesses in identifying sustainable growth opportunities, establishing global supply chains, and expanding their presence in international markets.

Representing MITC is Mr. Dan Berger, Director of the Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO). Mr. Berger brings a wealth of expertise in business strategy, operations, and product development, garnered from his extensive experience in nurturing emerging industries within global consumer products and technology brands. We are delighted to have him as part of our community.

What does MITC do? 
MITC assumes a pivotal role in advancing Maine’s global engagement, facilitating connections between businesses and organizations with international markets. Our mission is to fortify our state’s economy through international cooperation and partnerships.

Why is Maine looking north to the Arctic? 
Maine’s strategic geographical location establishes it as a crucial gateway connecting the Arctic and the United States. By actively engaging with the Arctic Economic Council, we aspire to leverage our unique position to foster economic growth, promote sustainable shipping practices, and champion environmental stewardship within the Arctic region.

What are some of the key skills and competencies that Maine has? 
Maine’s businesses and institutions have attained global leadership status through their expertise in cold-climate technologies, marine logistics, natural resource management, and renewable energy solutions. Our adaptable workforce, innovative spirit, and commitment to sustainability align seamlessly with the Arctic’s priorities for responsible and balanced development.

What is your personal interest in the Arctic? 
On a personal level, my deep-seated passion lies in the pursuit of sustainable development in the Arctic. The region’s distinctive challenges and opportunities hold a profound fascination for me. Through Maine’s dedicated involvement in the Arctic Economic Council, I eagerly anticipate contributing to a future where economic growth harmoniously coexists with the utmost reverence for the Arctic’s delicate ecosystems and the well-being of its indigenous communities.