The Responsible Resource Development Working Group identifies challenges and investment factors regarding Arctic resource development.

The RRD Working Group focuses on providing the necessary framework for responsible resource exploration and development in the Arctic.

This is achieved by exploring the following aspects:

  • identifying opportunities for resource development in the Arctic
  • highlight potential barriers to development
  • explore alternatives for financing Arctic development
  • risk management and sustainability for Arctic projects
  • local benefits from the development
  • human capital component
  • sources of data and alternatives for sharing data regulatory aspects to consider with Arctic development projects
  • infrastructure needs for development

Last year the report “Mineral Development in the Arctic” was released focusing on mining in the Arctic. The report provides insights and an exchange of ideas around mineral development projects in the Arctic. The report is a consolidation of insights from a wide spectrum of Arctic stakeholders with a specific focus on mining in the North American Arctic. It includes feedback from companies that have developed Arctic mining projects and what made them successful, as well as from other stakeholders representing Indigenous groups, potential Arctic investors, and government entities. Read the full report here:

The AEC’s Working Group on Responsible Resource Development under the leadership of chair Lillian Hvatum Brewster (ATCO Group, Canada).

Read more about the Working group here: