Arctic Economic Council Congratulates Tara Sweeney on Position as Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Government

The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) congratulates the organization’s former Chair Tara Sweeney with her new position as U.S. Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs. Ms. Sweeney will serve as one of five assistant secretaries in the Interior Department.

AEC Chair Tero Vauraste said of the appointment: “Tara Sweeney has been an integral part of the AEC since the establishment of the organization, and has contributed greatly to our development. On behalf of the AEC, I’d like to thank her for her hard work and dedication. She has served the AEC in an excellent manner. The AEC congratulates her on her appointment, and wishes her all the best in her new endeavor.”

Representing the Iñuit Circumpolar Council, Tara Sweeney became Chair of the AEC in 2015 when the United States took over the AEC Chairmanship.  Ms. Sweeney served as the AEC Chair until May 2017 when the Chairmanship rotated to the Finnish business community. As the White House announced the intent to nominate Ms. Sweeney to the Department of Interior in October 2017, she resigned from her position at the AEC.

Ms. Sweeney’s vision and leadership has been instrumental in establishing the foundation of the AEC. During her lead, the AEC also took the first steps in establishing the organization as the voice of the pan-Arctic business community.

Tara Sweeney is known as a strong advocate for closer ties within the pan-Arctic business community. Ms. Sweeney has actively worked towards the strengthening of the position of remote Arctic communities and the inclusion of traditional and indigenous knowledge. She is also known as a strong advocate for Arctic broadband development.

“Tara Sweeney has an unwavering belief in the people of the Arctic. She never falters in her mission to stress that the Arctic is home to millions of people who have the same rights to modern lives in modern, economically sustainable societies as everyone else. Her engagement for the peoples and businesses of the arctic is a great source of inspiration”, states AEC’s Norwegian Vice Chair Erling Kvadsheim.