Extraordinary times call for new measures. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) office is preparing for the organization‘s first digital Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting takes place on October 7th. At the 2020 Annual Meeting  the AEC community will have an opportunity to gather online to discuss the AEC‘s work and our Working Groups’ updates. The AEC membership will also be joined by the Wilson Center Polar Institute for a discussion on the Arctic Infrastructure Inventory.

Despite the challenges brought by Covid-19, the Arctic Economic Council has remained operational. Our Working Groups have benefitted from their experience of online meetings, and outreach work now takes place digitally. In mid-September, the AEC had its first digital special Governance Committee meeting to discuss an amendment to the AEC Rules of Procedure. Amendment to our Rules of Procedure allows the organization  to arrange a digital annual meeting when meetings in person cannot be conducted.

Digital meetings call for flexibility and creativity also from the AEC community. This year, the Chairs of the AEC Working Groups will provide their Working Group updates through pre-recorded videos.