The Tromsø-based company North Agency AS that provides services to vessels operating in the Arctic Sea has joined an international working group on maritime transportation led by the Arctic Economic Council.

“Sustainability is in the DNA of North Agency, this is both for humans as well as the ocean and that the two aspects have to work as a symbiose” says general manager Marius Storli from North Agency. He owns the company together with his wife.

The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is a unique business organization with companies and organizations from all across the Arctic region as members. The AEC has five working groups and one of those are related to maritime transportation. Marius Storli is nominated by AEC member Troms and Finnmark County Council.

“We are happy that North Agency has decided to join our working group. The group now has the whole value chain related to maritime transportation. North Agency will with their experience and expertise from working in the Arctic be an important contribution to the AEC” says director Mads Qvist Frederiksen.

Marius Storli grew up in a family related to fishing and shipping and his interest in the Arctic ignited when he was working at the Norwegian Coastguard stationed in the Barents Sea.

“In the Coast Guard I learned hands on how it is to operate in the northern seas and what unique competences are needed in the maritime industry. When we at the North Agency manage ship to ship operations in relation to for example LNG we are dependent on the right weather and a high level of safety management. We can’t control the weather but we know how to operate in this environment” says Marius Storli.

North Agency is already involved in various clusters and networks in Troms and Finnmark, like the Energy Cluster Nord but they are now also joining an international group of companies.


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