AEC Chairmanship rotates on a two-year basis following the rotation of the Arctic Council Chairmanships. The AEC Chairmanship is currently held by the Icelandic business community with Heidar Gudjonsson as the appointed Chair. In addition to the Chair, the AEC’s Executive Committee shall consist of a representative of the outgoing chairmanship, incoming chairmanship. At least one of the representatives shall be nominated by PPs. Tero Vauraste has represented the outgoing Finnish chairmanship and has now stepped down as AEC Vice-Chair.

“It has been a journey of approximately seven years to develop the Arctic Economic Council since 2013 when the initial discussions started during the Canadian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. We have made great steps forward to help businesses to work in and around the Arctic in a sustainable manner. Indigenous businesses and interests, as well as SMEs, have been in the core of our envisioning with our overarching themes and the future strategy. It has been a great endeavor to work with you for the best of the Arctic. My future work around the Arctic issues will be shifted to somewhat new areas – however to a certain extent in our common frame. Earlier this month I have taken the position of the CEO of Nurminen Logistics Plc, a Finnish logistics company with a history of more than 130 years in logistics services in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and China. Earlier in October, I accepted a two-year project at the Woodrow Wilson Center Polar Programme as a Global Fellow. Additional new initiatives are in the pipeline. The Finnish Businesses Chairmanship of the Arctic Economic Council ended last May and a smooth transition to Mr. Gudjonsson has been executed. I wish Heidar and the Executive Committee the best of success” says Mr. Tero Vauraste.

The Finnish Businesses have appointed CEO of Destia, the Chairman of the AEC Infrastructure and Investments Working Group, Mr. Tero Kiviniemi to represent the Finnish Businesses in the Executive Committee. He will now also step in as a Vice-Chair of the AEC.

More information about the Executive Committee available here