The Arctic Economic Council´s (AEC) Investment and Infrastructure Working Group focuses on stimulating sustainable economic growth in the Arctic. Jack Durkee from the Wilson Center is warmly welcomed as a new expert to the team.  

– The Wilson Center is enthusiastic to join the Arctic Economic Council’s Investments and Infrastructure Working Group (IIWG). The mission of IIWG closely aligns with that of the Wilson Center’s Arctic Infrastructure Inventory, allowing the work of IIWG and the Inventory to supplement each other—all towards a more sustainable Arctic. This is yet another example of the strengthening partnership between the Arctic Economic Council and the Wilson Center, borne out of the initial collaboration to coordinate and advance AEC’s Arctic Investment Protocol and the Arctic Infrastructure Inventory, says Jack Durkee, Program Associate for the Wilson Center´s Polar Institute, and Manager for its Arctic Infrastructure Inventory.

A tool to Inform Arctic Infrastructure
The Arctic Infrastructure Inventory (AII) is developed by the Wilson Center´s Polar Institute and is a public inventory of current and planned infrastructure projects across the Arctic. The Wilson Center describes the Inventory as a tool to inform Arctic infrastructure – a dataset that’s tracking infrastructure projects in the Arctic and holds an initial 8000 projects, and further additions will be made in the coming year. This will be a resource for all stakeholders in Arctic infrastructure, including policymakers, industry and investors, researchers, community leaders, and more.

The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is as a proud partner of the Wilson Center Polar Institute´s Arctic Infrastructure Inventory.

Valuable Insight and Expertise
The Wilson Center and the Arctic Economic Council have a good record for Arctic cooperation, with collaboration on both the Wilson Center´s Inventory and AEC´s Arctic Investment Protocol.

The work of AEC´s Investment and Infrastructure Working Group (IIWG) build upon the Arctic Investment Protocol, which is a tool for businesses and investors to focus on the creation of sustainable societies and business in the Arctic. These guidelines reinforce the need to respect local and indigenous communities, protect the environment, practice responsible and transparent business methods, use of best possible knowledge, and encourage strengthening pan-Arctic collaboration.

– We are excited about having Jack Durkee and the Wilson Center represented in the Investment and Infrastructure Working Group. This will strengthen our collaboration further and give us both valuable insight and expertise, says Chair of the IIWG, Timo Räikkönen. Mr. Räikkönen is the Executive Vice President, Urban Development and Design Services, at Destia Group.