The Chair of the AEC, Mr. Tero Vauraste gave a speech: “Is the Arctic Drowning in Financial Nationalism?” on April 3rd at Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA to a group of international researchers, teachers, students and other officials.

In his presentation Vauraste addressed the linkages between Arctic free trade and the environment and security, underlining that the responsible development of the region is dependent on the use of best possible knowledge and technology. The use of best possible technology can be hindered by barriers to trade, thus also potentially harming the climate. Vauraste also illustrated the conditions for Arctic trade and discussed the recent trade policy developments.

Mr. Vauraste also talked about Finland’s priorities and goals for its Arctic Council chairmanship as well as the Finnish business community’s priorities for its AEC Chairmanship (2017-2019). In his speech he also underlined the importance of increased collaboration in the Arctic. This can be exemplified for example by increased trade and the development of an “Uber for icebreakers” concept to enhance security in the region.

During his visit Vauraste met with Harvard Kennedy School’s management to discuss about Arctic business. He was privileged to meet with a former US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, now the Director of Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs at Harvard University and Robert Lawrence, Professor of International Trade and Investment. Furthermore, Vauraste met with Tufts University Fletcher School’s Professor Paul Berkman for discussions about a research project regarding Arctic business.