AEC vice chair Tero Vauraste was invited to represent the organization recently at an event titled ”Korea in the New Arctic Age – Celebrating 20 years of the Arctic Council” in Seoul.

At the AEC annual meeting in April, the delegates of the AEC adopted foundational documents that set the stage for engagement with the AEC and provide strategic direction for the organization.  With the establishment of the new membership classes, the AEC opens the opportunity for non-Arctic businesses to engage in its activities. The new membership categories and the recent development of the AEC including the three-year strategic plan adopted in April were also some of the topics of vice chair Vauraste’s presentation in Seoul the beginning of July.

Other participants in the seminar session titled “Opportunities in the Arctic” included representatives of academia, business, and the Icelandic government with the Icelandic Senior Arctic Official, Ambassador Arni Thor Sigurdsson.

In addition to presenting the AEC at the seminar, Mr Vauraste, President and CEO of Arctia Ltd., also met with Korean companies. The discussion focused on the AEC and especially the role of marine industry. While in Korea, Mr Vauraste also participated in a panel discussion focusing on the Korean Arctic future.