Katrine Ruby Bødiker will now represent Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) at the AEC Executive Committee. Ms. Bødiker holds the position of the Director of the Executive Secretariat at DI. She has worked primarily with international relations focusing on development cooperation, business environment, responsible business conduct and supply chains – in a combination of international project management, policy advocacy, public-private partnerships and business networks. Also worked with organisational and strategic development and governance structures in DI as a business membership organisation.

Confederation of Danish Industry has been one of the founding members of the AEC in 2014.

Why is DI interested in the Arctic?
DI is the largest business and employers’ organisation in Denmark representing 20,000 member companies, including a significant number of companies with a strong presence in the Arctic and especially in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Our main interest is to support our members’ Arctic activities and contribute to promoting sustainable economic development in the Arctic in close collaboration with local partners and stakeholders. Also, from a geopolitical and environmental perspective, DI has great interests in the development in the Arctic and how this may affect global supply chains and climate change.

How is DI working with Greenland?
DI has for several years been engaged in various activities aiming to strengthen and promote business relations between Greenland and Denmark through network facilitation, knowledge sharing and policy advocacy. To this end, DI has been collaborating with Greenland Business Association for many years, and in 2022, our two organisations consolidated this collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding that fosters even closer ties and promotes collaboration across sectors like green energy, construction, defence and security and sustainable food production.

DI has recently initiated a network for member companies with interests and activities in the Arctic and Greenland in particular. The network meets 3-4 times a year to discuss business opportunities and challenges in the Arctic and gain inspiration from each other as well as from expert guest speakers.

What is your own interest in the Arctic?
Professionally, I have been so privileged to gain insight into the Arctic region through DI’s engagement in activities primarily in Greenland. From the first bit of knowledge, I was lucky to gain, I have been fascinated by the extremely important role that the Arctic region plays globally, by the great opportunities and vast potential, and at the same time the essential need to conserve the environment and the beautiful nature. That potential and those balances

Personally, I was enchanted by the Arctic region the second I set my foot in Iceland for the first time many years ago. Since then, I have come back visiting again and again, and the region has only gained an even bigger place in my heart for each new encounter. The obliging people, the power and contrasts of the nature, and the greatness in so many ways have made the Arctic one of my absolute favourite travel destinations.