The world needs more high-quality and healthy protein. Seafood from the Arctic Ocean could be part of the solution to this challenge.

Norway is one of the leading fishing export nations. According to Nofima, a leading food research institute in Norway, a total of 14,500 people were employed in the seafood industry in Northern Norway in 2022, and almost the same amount was employed as a result of the ripple effects that the industry creates. On average, one employee in the core business of the seafood industry creates a value of NOK 1.79 million.

Listen to the voices of the companies from the seafood industry in Northern Norway, their perspective on sustainable development, as well as challenges and opportunities in Arctic Norway. Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, State Secretary from the Foreign Ministry, Troms County representatives, and the Youth Council leader talk about the future for the blue economy in the North.

The Arctic Economic Council, together with the Troms County Council, organised the session on Blue Economy during the Arctic Frontiers 2024.

10:53 What do international tourists expect/know from Tromsø’s food culture? 

11:56 Cecilie Myrseth, Minister of Fisheries – Sharing her pride in Northern Norway’s blue economy
13:10 Audun Iversen from Nofima explains the importance of the Blue Economy in Norway
16:30 Fiskekompaniet restaurant – Martin Blomqvist, Fiskekompaniet’s owner, gives his impression on owning a restaurant in Northern Norway
17:33 Smak restaurant Interlude – Espen Ramnestedt, chef at Smak, presents the concept of his restaurant
21:53 Halvors – Liv Hansen introduces family-owned Halvors, a resilient company that still processes seafood locally
26:04 Lyngen Reker – Listen to the history of Lyngenreker, which turned unexploited prawns into a competitive local company
32:56 Cecilie Myrseth, Minister of Fisheries, on priorities in developing the Norwegian blue economy
39: 49 Maria Varteressian, State Secretary from the Foreign Minister, raises the issue of sustainability in the fisheries sector
42:22 Youth County Council leader Luna Drecker gives an insight into youth approaches to eating seafood
44:38 Hear about  Troms County’s initiatives that help promote seafood
45:54 Smak restaurant presents the dishes and differences between foreign and local clients
47:37 Andreas Altenburger, professor at UiT, shows the prominence of seaweed in our daily life 
49:35 Kai Isaksen presents Ecofang, a sustainable company that harvests invasive sea urchins
52:46 Discover Sjømatfest, a celebration of seafood in Tromsø
57:36 Maria Varteressian on the impact of geopolitics on the blue economy
1:05:30 Luna Drecker on youth and women’s interest in the blue economy/fishing sector
1:08:00 Håkon Rønning Vahl on how to make the blue economy more attractive and the county’s plans for better infrastructure
1:10:32 Researcher Andreas Langdal explains the many benefits of sea cucumber Sea cucumber video
1:11:42 Smak interlude on trying sea cucumber
1:14:23 Hear the fishing story of Per Thore Kraknes, the owner of the Arctic Pioneer vessel  
1:20:51 Monica Mathiassen presents the successful dried meals that taste just like home-cooked food from Drytech
1:25:54 Luna Drecker on Tromsø Youth Capital 2026
1:27:03 Håkon Rønning Vahl on the Troms County Council’s focus on local food
1:31:50 Hildr restaurant – Marius and Gabriela Carlehed Jacobsen talk about Hildr’s philosophy video
1:33:14 Discover marine business parks, presented by Anne Husebekk, Director of the Center for the Ocean and the Arctic
1:37:36  Smak’s dessert
1:38:53 Luna Drecker and Håkon Rønning Vahl final message


This video is prepared by the AEC in collaboration with Troms County as a part of the Blue Economy Side Session at the Arctic Frontiers