The 2018 edition of the Arctic Yearbook was published at the end of October. Outcome of the Northern Research Forum and the University of the Arctic Thematic Network (TN) on Geopolitics and Security, the Arctic Yearbook has been published since 2012.


This year, the Chair of the AEC, Mr. Tero Vauraste, wrote the preface, ‘Arctic Development: In Theory & In Practice’ for the Arctic Yearbook. In the preface, Mr. Vauraste sees the Arctic as an area with great potential in various sectors. He explains that both the EU’s Arctic Policy launched in 2016 and the China’s Arctic Policy published in 2018 acknowledge the importance of international co-operation in decision-making. He mentions the investment and business potential of the region but also highlights the barriers to economic development. Mr. Vauraste underlines that “the Arctic calls for decisionmakers’ support in lowering barriers of trade for the best of sustainable export and import as well as tapping the investment potential of the Arctic”.


The Arctic Yearbook is open access.

Arctic Yearbook 2018 Preface ‘Arctic Development: In Theory & In Practice’

Arctic Yearbook 2018 is available at Arctic Yearbook 2018