One month after applying to be an Arctic Economic Council (AEC) Northern Partner, Statoil’s application has been approved.

This makes Statoil the first Norwegian business with such a designation.

“We are very happy to welcome Statoil to the AEC. They are a valuable addition the organization.” said Tero Vauraste, the Chairman of the AEC.
There are various levels of membership at the AEC for both Arctic and sub-Arctic stakeholders. Larger businesses with their headquarters located within an Arctic state may apply to join the AEC family as a Northern Partner. The AEC’s active organizations includes a diverse collection of business industries that operate in and outside of the region.

Erling Kvadsheim, the AEC’s Norwegian Vice Chair and Director of International Affairs at the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association states: “Statoil is the leading offshore operator in the Norwegian Arctic Barents Sea, and has vast experience of operating in the Arctic. I am honored to have them onboard as a member, and welcome them as an asset in the continuing work of the AEC.”

The Manager of Statoil’s Arctic Unit Ms. Toril Inga Røe Utvik comments: “The Arctic Economic Council has potential to be an important arena for establishment of common understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the Arctic. Statoil believes it is important to bring our knowledge and experience to this forum, to listen and learn from others, and to take part in the discussions.”