The Arctic Economic Council is pleased to welcome PolArctic LLC as a new Permafrost Partner to the AEC and the pan-Arctic business community.

PolArctic LLC is located in Washington D.C., USA, and has expertise in developing and conducting oceanographic research, data analysis, and geospatial products. PolArctic LLC has worked with diverse industries including private, oil and gas, renewable energy, and various other United States federal government agencies. As a new small business start-up, the team is focused on supporting sustainable development in a changing coastal and maritime Arctic.

PolArctic is leading the way for Arctic oceanographic modeling through fusion of remote sensing, autonomous systems, geospatial imagery, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to provide scalable, tailored, and easy to understand products. PolArctic is committed to be the industry’s foremost leader in oceanographic collation and predictive modeling of the Arctic.

“PolArctic LLC is excited to join the AEC as a platform to discuss our business and potential opportunities for collaboration. As an oceanographic, data science start-up we are focused on learning about and supporting sustainable development in a changing Arctic through scientific data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence”, says Leslie Canavera, CEO of PolArctic LLC.

“The AEC is pleased to expand the scope of its membership and warmly welcomes PolArctic LLC to the pan-arctic business community. We see growing interest in the Arctic globally, and see enhanced ties between business from the Arctic and outside the region as mutually beneficial”, states Mr. Tero Vauraste, Chairman of the AEC.


Press release

2019 03 AEC RELEASE PolArctic