“The importance of art and culture for the vitality of the region will be recognised and integrated into the regional, social and economic development of the Arctic. Young people and future decision-makers are vital for the Arctic. The regions will also compete for the creative workforce of the younger generation,” this paragraph is from Finland’s Arctic Strategy.

At the Arctic Circle Assembly, we hosted the final show where we spotlighted the importance of Arctic Arts and design to local communities and global markets.

From Disney working with the Saami Council on Frozen 2, Oulu and Bodø being the European capitals of culture to both established as well as new clothes brands. We showcased music from Nunavut, Iceland, Norway and much more.

Thriving communities need thriving creative industries. This not only creates jobs and stimulates economic growth, it also has an important social function to keep in contact with the past, present and future.

You can watch The Show on YouTube:

3:57 Kristin Sevaldsen turned Snøhetta mountain’s sounds into critically acclaimed jazz

6:22 Get introduced to Hartmann’s unique Greenlandic rubies

8:02 Get to know the Icelandic resilience story behind 66°North’s sustainable clothing

15:48 GOBMI’s modern approach to traditional Sámi clothing

18:59 Frozen II: a successful collaboration between the Sámi Council and Disney

23:03 Watch Najattaajaraq Joelsen perform a thrilling traditional Greenlandic mask dance

27:18 From importing European designs to implementing climate-driven housing design in Greenland, by BIOSIS

32:22 Learn about Kerecis’ fascinating technology that uses fish skin to prevent diabetes-induced amputation

39:01 Bodø’s projects as first European Capital of Culture above the arctic circle

40:25 Oulu is ready to share their Arctic way of life as the 2026 European Capital of Culture

43:03 See how Truenorth has given the Arctic a Hollywood-esque reputation

48:31 Find out how Blue Lagoon Iceland has turned an expected byproduct into a world-renowned attraction

51:02 Expect nothing – but the best of rebranding with Flatlight

54:43 Listen to Mugison’s take on a classic Icelandic song

1:00:24 Hear more about Ehski’s bilingual rapping story