The year 2020 has been an annus horribilis for several industries; especially tourism, transportation and parts of the mining industry were severely hit in the Arctic Region. The pandemic has also affected the AEC operations. Going into the second quarter of 2020 the activities of the AEC went online.

In the report you can find an overview of AEC activities in the past year and an updated list of the AEC members.

The main highlight of the report is Russian AEC Chairmanship priorities for the period of 2021-2022. In the next two years the work of the AEC will focus on the safety of the shipping operations in the Arctic, which includes mapping of carbon-free technologies in the maritime sector; improving risk-mitigation by addressing personnel training; harmonisation of ice-class vessel requirements; enhancing means of communication and navigation; and ensuring emergency preparedness in the high latitudes.

The other Russian AEC Chairmanship priorities are diverse and include facilitating investment in sustainable development projects; formulating Arctic business development principles together with the Indigenous organisations; enhancing digital infrastructure; strengthening cooperation and dialogue between the AEC and the AC.

The AEC Chairmanship is now led by Evgeny Ambrosov, deputy Chairman of the Management Board and Director of Maritime Operations, Shipping and Logistic of NOVATEK.

One of the deliverables of the past year is a report on connectivity, a project led by Dr. Pam Lloyd from the Alaskan telecommunications company, GCI. The report investigates the status of the telecommunications infrastructure and has developed an investment matrix that policymakers and investors can use as a tool to finance connectivity projects in the polar regions. The Connectivity report can be read here.

The AEC Annual Report is avaliable here.

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