Inger Johnsen from Troms Kraft, the largest renewable energy group in Northern Norway, has been appointed for the Chair position at the Arctic Economic Council
Inger Johnsen is a head of communications and used to work at the AEC HQ and has extensive knowledge on sustainability in the Arctic.

What will Norwegian chairmanship in the AEC focus on in the coming years?

From AEC Norway we will also work in close partnership with the Norwegian government on promoting the following three priorities: energy, a just transition and thriving communities.
First of all, the Arctic region has vast energy resources. We can succeed with this energy transition through skilled and experienced business practices and through public and private partnerships.
Secondly, the green transition must happen in a fair and inclusive way. Focusing on greening the economy in a way that it is a vehicle for sustainable economic growth and social development in the Arctic.
And finally, to ensure lively communities throughout the north we need innovative companies creating local jobs as well as suitable infrastructures.

What does it mean for specifically Troms Kraft?

As a publicly owned company, we see our mission in securing stable power supply and contributing to the green transition. We have power production in 7 municipalities, where we have 10 hydropower plants and one windpower plant. Further development and green transition of societies and businesses in the north requires more renewable energy, therefore we have an ambition to double our power production in the next 10-15 years. With a goal that the renewable power production also will create positive socio-economic ripple effects in society.

How do you see the future of the AEC in the coming years?

In May 2023 Norway took over the Chairmanship.  AEC remains to be the only organization representing business interests in the region. The Arctic is too important to let the decisions be made outside of the region and without participation of the stakeholders for whom living and working in the North. Due to the war in Ukraine, it will not be business as usual, but we will continue to build up the AEC capacity to facilitate sustainable economic development in the Arctic.