Rana Utvikling’s ambition is to be the region’s leading resource for business growth. Its most important job is to facilitate new commercial activities and improve operating parameters for the business community.

Rana Utvikling is Rana municipality’s business development agency and co-owned by the municipality and local businesses. The agency was created to handle the transition due to the privatisation of Norsk Jernverk AS, into today’s Mo Industrial Park. Since then the agency has shifted to focus on helping to develop local businesses, attract new companies to the region and secure infrastructure investments that are crucial for local businesses.

The agency offer free consultations through its business start-up service. It also provides support and services which contribute to growth and development for companies in the region.

As a non-profit agency, all Rana Utvikling’s income is devoted to development work.

The business development plan for Rana local authority, adopted by council’s executive board in June 2019, is Rana Utvikling’s most important strategy document.

Rana Utvikling joined the Arctic Economic Council in February 2024.

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