We aim to facilitate responsible Arctic economic development and make the Arctic a favorable place for its communities and business.

The AEC Works for the Arctic with Arctic Values

Climate Change Affects the Arctic – AEC Works for a Sustainable Arctic Future

Arctic Economic Council (AEC) supports the Global Climate Goals and Sustainable Development Goals and notes with great concern the reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and others on the effects of climate change which impacts the Arctic twice as hard as the rest of the world.

Economic activity in the Arctic forms an important contribution in our efforts to reach Global Climate Goals and Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable utilization of the Arctic natural resources provides the world with clean energy, food, minerals needed for the green shift, green industrial products and other goods, both serving the people in the Arctic and the rest of the world.

Economic sustainability for the Arctic peoples is critical. Climate change must not lead to the closing of economic activity in the Arctic. The Arctic businesses and the Arctic peoples share the global responsibility of keeping the climate change to a minimum.

Representing the diversity of businesses active in the Arctic, the AEC works for the Arctic, with Arctic values.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate responsible business and economic development of the Arctic and its communities
  • Share and advocate for best practice, technological solutions, and standards
  • Support market accessibility
  • Provide advice and a business perspective to the work of the Arctic Council