ICC is an non governmental organization (NGO) or the Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO) whose purpose is to ensure the rights and unity of Inuit through the culture and environment of a changing Arctic. The organization today represents about 180,000 Inuit in the four countries, Alaska (USA), Arctic Canada, Chukotka (Russia) and Greenland. Each country has an independent regional organization that is organized differently according to specific regional conditions. Alaska, Canada and Greenland each have 18 delegates, whereas Chukotka has 12.

ICC Greenland’s delegation consists of the President, the Vice-President, three delegates elected by Inatsisartut (Parliament), a representative from the municipalities and twelve representatives of the nationwide organizations. The delegation holds general assembly meeting every four years and have two meetings per year.

ICC-Greenland’s Board consists of the President, Vice-President and three members.

Permanent Participants