The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association


The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (Norwegian Oil and Gas) is a professional body and employer’s association for oil and supplier companies engaged in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The association works to solve common challenges for the members and to strengthen the competitiveness of the Shelf.

Norway is the third largest gas exporter in the world, behind Russia and Qatar. Norway supplies over 20% of the EU’s gas demand. An extensive network of subsea pipelines links Norway’s offshore gas fields and onshore terminals directly to other recipient countries in Europe. In addition, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is shipped out from the Snøhvit field off Hammerfest in Northern Norway on LNG carriers. Moreover, Norway is the 10th largest oil exporter in the world. The first production took place with the discovery and development of the Ekofisk field in 1969 and 1971 respectively. Today, there are fields in production in all Norwegian seas: the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. The North Sea dominates in terms of the number of producing fields and the annual Production.

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association represents the oil and gas sector in Norway which is Norway’s largest measured in terms of value added, government revenues, investments and export value. The sector plays a vital role in the Norwegian economy and the financing of the Norwegian welfare state.

The service and supply industry is Norway’s second-largest industry measured in terms of turnover, after the oil and gas industry, and includes more than 1 250 companies. After more than 40 years of petroleum activities, the industry has developed cutting-edge expertise and is internationally competitive. According to an analysis by Rystad Energy, turnover in the Norwegian-based supply industry was NOK 527 billion 2014, and almost 40% was in international markets.

Location: Stavanger (HQ), Oslo and Tromsø
Industry: The association consists of 54 oil and gas companies and 55 supplier companies. The companies represent about 35 000 employees.

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