Arctia Ltd.

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Industry: Shipping
Years in Operation: Over 100 years as Arctia (five years as a Limited Company)


Arctia carries over 100 years of icebreaking and ice management expertise. As the owner and operators of the Finnish icebreaker fleet their eight vessels are busy year round.

In winter they ensure that marine traffic operates without delay, and in the summer they use their multipurpose icebreakers in Arctic waters to ensure safe operations in the offshore oil and gas fields or to assist seismic vessels in icy waters.

Fennica-esiteArctia is always enhancing its fleet and their new generation harbor icebreaker was launched in autumn 2014. It combines excellent tug performance with icebreaking capabilities in Finland´s northernmost ports. The company is at the forefront of icebreaking capacity and with ships for rent, are often leading partnerships to build new Arctic icebreakers.

Protection of the environment is at the core of Arctia’s beliefs. The company’s multipurpose icebreakers have been converted to meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) emission requirements for operating in the Arctic Ocean. The project involved the fitting of combined Wärtsilä Nitrogen Oxide Reducers (NOR) and Oxidation Catalysts (OXI) to vessels, and ensuring they are enabled for the use of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel.

Arctia plays an active role in developing oil spill response capabilities. Arctia’s oil recovery icebreaker the Kontio is able to hold over 2,000 m3 of collected oil and it has three separate oil collection systems, including an arctic oil skimmer. The company offers oil spill 24/365 response preparedness services to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) on the Northern Baltic Sea. The company’s latest launch is the IMOR research project, which aims to improve the possibilities for oil recovery in icy conditions at sea. The project’s primary focus is to examine how icebreakers should be used in oil spill areas in order to facilitate optimal success in oil recovery, for instance when a large brush skimmer is used. Other focus areas include the behaviour and drifting of oil in the recovery area.

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